Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, June 10, 2007:

  1. If you read this article carefully, you’ll see that TB Andrew’s father-in-law, the CDC expert on TB, was actually with him at his (fake?) Greek wedding.

  2. Which Democrat Presidential candidates is the . . . er  . . . ‘entertainment industry’ giving money to?  The ‘entertainment industry’ consists of Steven Spielberg, Peter Chernin, Haim Saban, Brett Ratner, and Donna Bojarsky.

  3. “US must never be allowed into Darfur”.

  4. The Venezuelan right-wing opposition has consistently been providing phony ‘grass roots’ opposition to the Chavez regime.  Photo ops of small demonstrations by these groups are, needless to say, all you will hear about or see in the American mainstream media.  The latest ‘student rebellion’ over the non-renewal of the RCTV broadcasting license is just more (or here) of the same.

  5. Two comments by Sean McBride on Jewish racist ethnic nationalism, and why small minority groups should stay well clear of an idea that will end up biting them in the ass.

  6. Mad Dog Dershowitz wins a battle in the war against academic freedom.  Finkelstein is good enough to end up at a real university, and DePaul might as well rename itself as the DePaul Institute of Security Guard Training.

  7. An excellent response by Lawrence Davidson to the Zionist whining about the proposed British faculty union boycott.  The Zionists just don’t get it.  Their efforts will just increase the effectiveness of the boycott.  I’m starting to wonder whether Mad Dog Dershowitz is really a covert agent of anti-Zionism.