Monday, June 25, 2007

Truth accident at CNN

The Angry Arab conveys an amazing accident that occurred on CNN, when Nir Rozen blurted out the truth and explained concisely and accurately what just happened in Gaza.  CNN must have a censor for such accidents to prevent them from being aired, a censor who is now being tortured to death by Wolf Blitzer.  It is interesting how these accidents are multiplying as the fury of the people builds. 

Thinking of Wolf, it is also interesting that almost all – in fact, maybe all – the neocons are of Polish-Jewish descent.  The ‘progressive’ Jews were traditionally European, supported Labour, and stood at the top of the racist Israeli pecking order.  Under them were the ‘Oriental’ Jews who originated in the Middle East, were Likud supporters, and, of course, are genetically identical to the Palestinians who they ironically treat with racist contempt.  With the extreme shift to the right in Israel, the Labour-Likud difference doesn’t matter anymore (though, of course, the European Jews are still the ‘whites’, and the ‘Oriental’ Jews are the under-race).  In America, the most racist and conservative and genocidal Jews are all, or almost all, European Jews whose forefathers came from Poland.  A Martian who just landed in his spaceship and didn’t know the nuances might think he is witnessing a Polish campaign of genocide against the Arabs.