Friday, June 22, 2007

A university run by the Lobby

The Jewish Cabal made one huge mistake – typical, for them, a mistake of overreaching – when they instructed their minion, DePaul School of Typing President Father Dennis Holtschneider, to deny tenure to Norman Finkelstein:

If Finkelstein's tenure bid was always controversial because of the intervention of Dershowitz and other pro-Israel ideologues, the rejection of Larudee was a shock. Her application had been unanimously approved at every previous level of the tenure process, and she was preparing to take over as chair of the university's International Studies program.

Larudee's supporters among faculty say the only reason they can think of for the decision is that she spoke out in defense of Finkelstein – and her brother is also involved in working for justice for Palestine.”

Larudee received the same kind of letter from Father Holtschneider as Finkelstein received.  What are the chances that there would be two prominent Middle East scholars at the same two-bit university, both approved for tenure by the appropriate academic committees, and both mysteriously rejected for tenure, with the only conceivable reason for the rejection of Professor Larudee being her support for Finkelstein?  The stated reasons for the rejection of Finkelstein – basically relating to his tendentious relationship with the orthodox Zionists – can’t possibly apply to Larudee, a fact which proves the utter bullshit behind Holtschneider’s stated reasons for denial.  The ‘take no prisoners’ attitude of the Cabal has again led to the kind of overreaching which reveals what this is really about.

This is a blatant attack on the right of every academic in the United States who dares write anything that does not conform to the murderous ideas of the Cabal:

Holtschneider claimed in his statement that ‘academic freedom is alive and well at DePaul.’ The truth is the exact opposite – academic freedom has been dealt a serious blow, and not just at DePaul. Holtschneider's decision was greeted with joy by various attack dogs opposed to critical thinking and academic freedom in general, and in relation to Israel in particular. Dershowitz ‘applaud[ed] the University for its actions.’ In keeping with his habit of turning reality upside-down, he claimed that DePaul had reached the correct decision despite being inundated by a massive pro-Finkelstein campaign from the ‘hard-left.’

The denial of tenure to Finkelstein gives inspiration to the right-wing program which seeks to turn universities into zones of uncontested indoctrination, free of outspoken dissident professors and with little in the way of a commitment to an atmosphere which fosters critical thinking and open debate. Raul Hilberg, one of the most distinguished historians of the Nazi holocaust who had called Finkelstein's The Holocaust Industry ‘a breakthrough,’ was quoted in the Chicago Tribune saying that ‘I have a sinking feeling about the damage this will do to academic freedom.’”

Dennis Holtschneider needs to be fired or forced to resign, and these wrongs righted, or DePaul will always be considered a laughing stock, a university run by a Lobby.