Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wednesday, June 5, 2007

Wednesday, June 5, 2007:

  1. Latest map of the current state of land thievery in the West Bank.  It’s all part of a Plan:  “What remains is an area of habitation remarkably close to territory set aside for the Palestinian population in Israeli security proposals dating back to postwar 1967.”

  2. The amusing letters of support for Scooter reveal the Washington neocon nexus.  Not a huge surprise that it is bipartisan – Democrat and Republican – but Jewish (or at least trying to connect, in a public way, to Jewish power centers).  From the point of view of Jewish Zionism, Democrats and Republicans are just tools to the greater cause of Israeli imperialism.  Whether you fall into one party or another has less to do with your right-left views and more to do with where you will be useful in building the Zionist Empire.  Thus, Scooter’s friends cover the entire gamut from ultra-conservative to liberal, and he is perceived as being non-partisan, at least considered by the usual Democrat-Republican axis.  This also explains how the neocons started off as Democrats but slid over in the 80s to being Republican.  They just followed the trends of power.  Scooter’s non-partisanship also ties back to the greater issue of how Israeli colonialism has destroyed the great traditions of the American Jewish left.

  3. The comment by ‘David’ to the Philip Weiss posting is an eye-opener, quoting Feith’s letter (emphasis in red): “We are not social friends, but, when he worked for the Vice President, I was the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy and we spent several hours together in meetings every week day, more or less, and occasionally on weekends too.”  As ‘David’ notes, this is the Office of Special Plans meeting with the White House Iraq Group.  They were ‘stovepiping’, packaging Feith’s lies, fresh from the Pentagon oven, for White House use in the propaganda war leading to the attack on Iraq.

  4. When it was revealed that 70% of the total intelligence community budget is now spent on private contractors, people were able to do the math to determine that the total American intelligence budget is much higher than was formerly believed.  For all that money, they still haven’t got a clue . . .

  5. More on Palast’s ‘war for no oil’ thesis.  This thesis is silly (but has the singular advantage of paying some attention to the facts).  The net effect of the ‘war for oil’, ‘war for control of oil’, and ‘war for no oil’ theses is that they wipe each other out, leading us closer to the truth.