Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You can't get there from here

Have you noticed that the lite Zionists all think that the victory of Hamas is a ‘disaster’?  Of course, they immediately add ‘for the Palestinian people’, as they are famous for always ostentatiously looking out for the Palestinians.  All the reports of vicious retaliations by Hamas against Fatah members have turned out, naturally, to be lies (of course, the Israeli collaborators working for Dahlan haven’t had it so good).

It would be better if the Palestinians didn’t have to fight each other, but fighting is probably the only way to end the culture of collaboration.  Sometimes, you can’t get there from here without a fight.  As it happened, this was yet another miscalculation by Abrams, who thought he could stage a coup in Gaza, remove Hamas entirely, and sabotage the Mecca agreement (which the Israelis and their minion Abrams felt gave too much power to the non-collaborators).  The coup attempt forced Hamas to fight back, which led to the reestablishment of the elected government in at least part of the country.  The predictable efforts by the Zionists to prop up Abbas will just reinforce the idea in the Palestinians that collaborators are working for their enemy, an idea which they will need to have if they are to start to fight the oppressor.

It has become completely clear, from recent history in Lebanon and Gaza, that the Arabs are only going to get justice if they fight for it.  The singular lack of grace in the Jewish psyche means that the Jews never give anything up, even what they have stolen, unless you take it from them by force.

The Dahlan incident also reinforces the idea that one of the two archetypical Israeli tricks is paying people to turn against one another (the other is the ‘false flag’ operation, and the two tricks are often combined).