Monday, July 02, 2007

Ashraf Marwan

Of the three plausible explanations for the mysterious death by falling of Ashraf Marwan,

  1. suicide,

  2. assassination by the Egyptians angry at his being a spy for the Israelis before the Six Day War, or

  3. assassination by the Israelis,

the first two seemed the most plausible based on the fact that he had been recently outed in Israel as an Israeli spy.  Thus, his death would have related, in one way or another, to the revelations of his treason.  This is the Mossad view, and is thus, of course, suspect.

Revelations that Ashraf Marwan may actually have been a double agent, and further revelations that he was writing a book which would have revealed this status to the world (putting him in the class of London-balcony-jumping Egyptian memoir writers), thus embarrassing Israeli intelligence, would incline us to the third option.