Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Benoit Wikipedia coincidence

WWE professional wrestler Chris Benoit apparently killed his wife and his son.  During the period after these murders, but before he killed himself, an anonymous poster to Wikipedia edited the entry on Benoit to state that he was replaced in a wrestling match due to personal issues “stemming from the death of his wife Nancy”.  The poster later apologized for the entry, saying it was just a coincidence that he happened to make a prank alteration to the entry that happened to be true, just after the murder had occurred and at a time when nobody except Benoit himself was supposed to know about it.  The apology came from the same IP address as had made the amazingly prescient (or prank) alteration (the IP address had been flagged for vandalizing other Wikipedia entries in the past, which is perhaps how a Wikipedia editor caught the changes within an hour, and told Wikipedia management, who contacted authorities;  there was also a second, similar, attempted edit from a computer in Australia, citing as a source for the change 'several pro wrestling websites').  The address was traced to Stamford, Conn., which, by another coincidence, is where the headquarters of the WWE is located (but is apparently not from the WWE offices).  Benoit may have made calls to fellow employees in the period after he killed his wife, which might explain how information made it to Stamford.  The police aren’t happy about the Wikipedia issue, but know who the poster is, and seem to accept the coincidence explanation.

The spin on this is that the murder-suicide was ‘roid rage’, but it hardly seems to be a case of flying off the handle, as the entire incident took a number of hours.  The coincidence explanation is simply not believable.  The poster is either afraid that his knowledge leaves him vulnerable to being considered an accessory, or the entire murder-suicide story is a sham, hiding what is really mass murder.  In the world of pro wrestling, anything is possible.  There is an additional mysterious connection to the recent unsolved murder of wrestling manager Sherri Martel, who has been linked to the ex-husband of Nancy Benoit, Chris Benoit’s murdered wife.