Monday, July 16, 2007

Conrad Black escape plan

Conrad Black has no reasonable chance of succeeding on his appeal, will receive a good long sentence (he’s showed not one iota of contrition, and treated the proceedings, the prosecution, and even the judge, with complete contempt), and his bail hearing is on Thursday, when he might even be denied bail or have to wear some sort of ankle bracelet to prevent escape.  This is his only chance to avoid dying in prison.  His evil wife, the cause of all his problems, has no doubt been telling him that the Gestapo can arrive at any time (so true!; Amiel has expressly compared their plight to the plight of Holocaust victims!), so he is probably prepared.

He needs some stunt doubles to play him and Amiel at his hotel during the coming days, showing up at breakfast, etc., so as not to create suspicion.  Most of his big assets are seized or subject to liens, but he has been spending literally tens of millions of dollars on his defense (actually, if he works his way to appeal, he will have spent more on defense than the prosecutors claim he stole!), and a guy like Conrad knows how to hide money offshore.  All he needs is a small airstrip near Chicago and a small plane to fly him to Texas or Florida.  Then its a hop, skip and jump to freedom in Central America or the Caribbean.  There are a lot of officials who will look the other way in return for the friendship, and cash, of a rich gentleman like Black.  Robert Vesco has been on the lam for years (he is said to now be in jail in Cuba).  Conrad can live in the mansion next to Lord Lucan.  Skipping the country is the only hope for a freedom fighter like Black – a man who stands up for the rights of the elites to pay for their wife’s jewels from money stolen from the commoners – to escape the nazis in the American justice system.