Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Henry the K in Moscow

One of the themes here recently is how the American Establishment has retaken control of the American government without recourse to the traditional institutions of American political power.  Congress, the Executive, and the Press are all Israeli Occupied Territory, so have to be worked around.  Fortunately for Americans and the world, the American Establishment is so powerful that it has been able to bring power back under American control, and it is the neocons who are now frustrated.

A remarkable example of this recently occurred with respect to Putin.  Zionist attempts to restart the Cold War (more on this later, with a reconsideration of the sinking of the Liberty) have left Putin understandably angry, and Putin’s visit to Bush in Kennebunkport was supposed to calm him down.  Instead, Bush, his little mind still controlled by Christian Zionists, made things worse, and Putin left the U. S. absolutely furious.  The American Establishment does not want to restart the Cold War – they have plans for Russia, but all of them involve globalism and economic cooperation – so they sent a delegation to Moscow, led by Henry the K (Henry the K is often wrongly described as a neocon, but he is really a gun for hire who follows power around), to try to calm Putin down (and no, it wouldn’t have been planned by Cheney, who wants Putin as furious as possible).  The attempted diplomacy didn’t really work, but the effort is another demonstration of how the Establishment is having to work around Bush’s destructive Zionism, together with a demonstration that it is not in the interests of the Establishment to restart the Cold War (though Noam will no doubt hide the real culprits by blaming it on them).  The Jew-controlled American press hid the Kissinger junket, as it does not fit the Official Story of what is going on.

Speaking of the Jew-controlled American press, the New Republic appears to have made up a phony series of negative ‘insider’ reports on the Iraq war, in order to undermine the anti-war movement, such as it is, when the deception was uncovered.  Americans are going to be very angry when it become politically correct to admit the truth.