Thursday, July 26, 2007

In missile range

Following up on a previous posting, the Israelis have suddenly, and miraculously, determined that Syria isn’t planning to attack.  Israeli planners have to deal with the public relations effect of a Syrian missile counterattack before they can stage a faked reason for attacking Syria. 

There is a good reason for the difference in the psychological ability of the Israeli public to withstand suicide attacks as opposed to missile attacks.  The suicide attacks are seen, rightly or wrongly, as an inevitable part of living in Israel.  On the other hand, the Hezbollah rocket attacks and any future Syrian rocket attacks are correctly perceived as being the direct result of voluntary wars entered into solely so some religious fruitcakes can live on stolen land and fill their swimming pools with stolen water.

Unless Zionist strategists can come up with some way to fool Israelis into believing that Israeli colonialism is inevitable, Israelis aren’t going to accept counterattacks that are the result of wars of choice.  The ability of Arabs to fight back is the key.  The psychological inability of the Israeli public to accept missile attacks that are the direct result of Israeli aggression could alone spell the end of the Project of building the Israeli Empire.  Old fashioned Israeli common sense, as opposed to the murderous schemes of their American ‘friends’ (who live safely out of missile range), gives us reason for optimism.