Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lobby lessons learned

There is still the odd American who can’t accept the remarkable hold that Jewish Billionaire money has over the Democrats, but the facts are making the illusion of Democrat independence from the Lobby harder and harder to believe.  The Jewish Billionaires have told the Democrats that they can’t stop the war – at least not until the Iraq is in three parts, as provided in Wurmser’s Zionist Plan for the Middle East –  so the Democrats merely pretend to have an interest in stopping the war.  Democrat supporters who voted solely on the basis that the Democrats were the only way out of the disastrous war are gradually becoming furious at the betrayal.  Now John Conyers, a basically decent man, has been ordered by the Jewish Billionaires to stop all talk of impeachment, so he has obeyed.  This caused such fury in Cindy Sheehan that Conyers had to have her arrested, not something he would want to do, but being a slave to the Lobby will make you act in uncharacteristic ways.

I have to ask my usual question:  just what kind of evidence will be required for supporters of the Democrats to concede that the party is utterly corrupted by the Jewish Billionaires?  This corruption is now so deep that Democrat apologists are reduced to sounding like John Birchers when talking about Sheehan (particularly ironic when the undeniable truth about the Democrats resembles an old John Bircher fantasy), whose only flaw is really caring about what she believes in.  Since when is it a crime to act with integrity and forcefulness on the right side of an issue?  All the Democrat machinations are being led by Rahm Emanuel, and are explained away as some kind of brilliant election strategy, as if doing the exact opposite of what your supporters want, in order to pander to people who will never vote for you, could be described as a ‘strategy’.