Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lying leads to confusion

Everybody in the United States – except possibly for a few prominent columnists and bloggers – knows that a small group of Jews manipulated the American government into the disastrous plan of attacking Iraq, solely based on the interests of the Israeli right, and completely against the interests of the American Establishment and the American people.  Of course, no one can actually say this out loud, a fact which leads to some hilarious confusion.

Here’s Steve Benen complaining about Marty Peretz's incoherent analysis of the Libby trial.  Peretz, following Dershowitz, claims that the Libby prosecution is entirely political.  A Republican President appoints a Republican prosecutor who brings the case up before a Republican judge, with an appeal on bail heard before three Republican judges – how can they possibly claim Libby’s prosecution is political?  Normally, all these people would have handled Libby with kid gloves, and protected him from any legal harm.  Yet we can see an unmistakable animus in both Judge Walton and the court of appeal judges, all of whom want to see Libby in shackles as quickly as possible.  What gives?

We can’t speak the truth about how the American Establishment was shafted by the Jews, so we aren’t allowed to notice how the representatives of that Establishment are taking their fury out on Libby.  Of course, Peretz and Dershowitz have to talk in code, as saying that the prosecution against Libby was anti-Semitic would entail an admission that Libby was being punished because of his role in a traitorous attack on the United States by a Jewish Cabal.  Peretz wrote:

“. . . double standards are not only evident in arguments about the ongoing disputes between the Israelis and Palestinians and among the Arabs. There are double standards in conservative thought in America and in liberal thought, as well.”

What the hell is he doing talking about the Middle East in a preamble to supporting Libby’s commutation?  Dershowitz wrote:

“What the judges did was also political, but that was entirely improper, because judges are not allowed to act politically. 
They do act politically, of course, as evidenced by the Supreme Court’s disgracefully political decision in Bush v. Gore. But the fact that they do act politically does not make it right.  It is never proper for a court to take partisan political considerations into account when seeking to administer justice in an individual case. 

The trial judge too acted politically, when he imposed the harshly excessive sentence on Libby, virtually provoking the president into commuting it. 

This was entirely a political case from beginning to end. Libby’s actions were political.  The decision to appoint a special prosecutor was political. The trial judges’ rulings were political. The appellate court judges’ decision to deny bail was political.  And the President’s decision to commute the sentence was political. But only the President acted within his authority by acting politically in commuting the politically motivated sentence.”

Again, without the hidden subtext, this is just incoherent.  Dershowitz's piece is entitled “Double Standard Watch”.  Double Standard?  What the hell is he talking about?

Of course, Peretz and Dershowitz are completely correct.  The entire treatment of Libby in the courts was political.  The obvious hatred of Libby was inspired by the fury of the American Establishment at the perfidy of the Jews.  Peretz and Dershowitz sound addled because they can’t admit the justice behind the fury.  Analysts reading Peretz and Dershowitz argue that these guys have lost their minds as the analysts can’t be seen to notice the truth of the subtext.   Jewish readers of both columns understand completely what “Double Standard” means.

Expect to see more of the same in the coming months.  I would not be in the least surprised to see IRS agents hanging around the the offices of some of the most prominent Jewish Billionaires.  The American Establishment is furious, and they have the power to do something about it.  Apologists for Israel who like to throw the anti-Semite slur around are now going to get to see some of the real thing.  Never forget that the American Establishment never uses the J-Word;  they prefer the K-Word.