Monday, July 30, 2007

Nigel Kennedy

World-famous fiddler Nigel Kennedy recently performed a jazz concert in East Jerusalem, after having refused many offers to appear in Israel.  He comments on the issue:

“It's no coincidence. I became aware of the Palestinian story while I was a student in New York. My girlfriend then was Palestinian, and, through her, I began to familiarize myself with and understand the problem even before the [separation] wall and the other atrocities. She had to return home every year or she would lose her citizenship, and, like it was for all of us students, that wasn't exactly her thing. Then I understood that it was simply a way to harass the Palestinians and prevent them from studying.

And today, I was really shocked when I saw the wall here. It's a new type of apartheid, barbaric behavior. How can you impose collective punishment and divide people from one another? We are all residents of the same planet. I would think that the world learned something from South Africa. And the world should boycott a nation that didn't learn. That's why I won't perform in your country.

The concert tonight is very emotional because I am performing for people who are imprisoned, to give them two hours of fun and show them that the world has not forgotten about them."

Without expressly mentioning the boycott, the Rolling Stones are also skipping Israel. 

The Zionist hysteria about boycott/divestment relates to the importance of creating a ‘legitimacy crisis’ in Israel.  Between its own media and the Jew-controlled American media, the average Israeli obtains a completely inaccurate view of world elite opinion about what Israel is doing.  Negative comments from respected people, whose celebrity allows them to force through the censorship, are important, as there will not be peace until the Israelis themselves get over the lying view they have of their country and themselves, a view fostered by decades of an international misinformation and deception campaign.