Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Obligatory annual Iraq electricity posting

Obligatory annual Iraq electricity posting:  yet another summer and the Americans still haven’t gotten around to fixing the electrical system.  Hearts and minds:

“Most factories have stopped production because of the security situation and the lack of electricity.

‘I moved my plastic bags factory to another area seeking better security, but now I cannot work because there is no electricity,’ Ahmad Ali, a factory owner from Baghdad, told IPS. ‘We are wasting our time hoping for something that we will never have because this occupation intentionally kills life in this country.’

Similar complaints are coming from farmers. Many say production is down at least 80 percent from what it was before the U.S.-led occupation.

‘It is deliberate damage caused by the occupation,’ Salim Abdul-Sattar, a local politician from Baghdad told IPS. ‘To cut electricity is to cut the main vein of life, and that is the main goal of the occupation.’

Abdul Sattar believes that the occupation authorities ‘could have provided electricity in a few months if they wanted to, but this problem is useful for what they call creative chaos.’”