Monday, July 02, 2007

Pace yourself: the 'Clean Sweep' strategy for defending the realm

From ‘A clean sweep’, by Mark Perry (emphasis in red):

“Gates was nonplussed and quickly announced that Pace's replacement would be the current chief of naval operations, Admiral Michael Mullen – a riposte that was a mini-declaration of war against the pro-war press.

Mullen, a tough-minded and hard-nosed conservative, is known for his scoffing (if private) dismissal of Washington's neo-conservatives, though sometimes he can barely keep it under wraps. During a recent Washington reception, he was asked by a reporter whether he would oppose an attack on Iran: ‘It's your job to convince the politicians just how stupid that would be,’ he said, ‘not mine.’

Accompanying Pace out the door will be Admiral Edmund Giambastiani (predictably, ‘St John the Baptist’ to his friends), a former protege of Paul Wolfowitz – one of the last of the senior uniformed neo-conservatives.

The retirement of Pace and Giambastiani completes the ‘clean sweep’ of the senior military leadership that marked the tenure of former secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld. Since the swearing in of Gates as Rumsfeld's successor, nearly every major senior military officer responsible for the war in Iraq has been replaced.”

The Acting President of the United States, Defense Secretary Robert Gates (after years of trying, the CIA finally runs the country!), takes out the trash.  Perry quotes a major, commenting on a proposed slight increase in the size of the ‘surge’, and reflecting on the preparedness of the Pentagon:

“What are we going to fight them with, spitwads?”

And yet I keep hearing about the inevitability of an attack on Iran.  The strategists know that any kind of attack will lead to retaliation which can only be controlled by ‘boots on the ground’, many times more than are now being deployed in Iraq.  I don’t care how much the Jews pray for war:  the Pentagon just doesn’t have the spitwads.