Friday, July 06, 2007

Partition, again

By far the most important reason for the American attack on Iraq was to remove a possible opponent of the Zionist Empire by breaking it into three small statelets.  The partition was first raised in public by Leslie Gelb, who jokingly, but accurately, proclaimed that he proposed the idea as “part of the neo-conservative, Zionist, Jewish conspiracy”.  The idea keeps reappearing, as if nobody had ever thought of it seriously before, and is always proffered as an idea made necessary by the Iraqis themselves, who just can’t live together peacefully.

The facts are quite different.  Despite an attack meant to drive the country apart, a brutal occupation, and the ‘surge’ – a new war intended specifically to give to the Jewish Billionaries the partition that everything else has so far failed to produce – Iraq has held together remarkably well.  There are ongoing problems with the ‘democracy’ foisted on the Iraqis by the Americans, but the idea of a united Iraq has survived all the Zionists can throw at it.  The fact that the partition idea is being raised again is an early indication that the ‘surge’ is failing in its objective of splitting up the country, yet another in what appears to be a ongoing series of big Zionist losses.