Sunday, July 08, 2007

The real purpose of Iran talk

I think what really bothers me about Iran talk (talk about an upcoming illegal American or Israeli attack on Iran), even by those who talk about it ostensibly to attempt to prevent it, is that the extreme unlikelihood of the attack means that even the Zionist talkers have an agenda other than actually promoting the attack.  The main goal of Zionist imperialism is to cause unrest in the Middle East to have everybody fighting each other in order to allow Israel to more easily steal the land it intends to steal.  Iran talk causes unease in Iran, which provokes a reaction, which causes unease in Saudi Arabia, which provokes a reaction, and so on, leaving the entire Middle East unnecessarily rattled and disturbed.  Iran talk just abets the Zionist plans, and even those who think they are doing good by talking it up might as well apply for a award from the ADL.