Monday, July 30, 2007

Saudi arms deal and the power of the Lobby

The recent agreement of the American government to supply sophisticated arms to the Saudis is a massive, massive – did I mention massive? – defeat for Israel, and return to form of the American Establishment.  Israel is trying to play down its importance, but the failure of the Lobby to, well, lobby, is indicative of the shift in power from the Israeli traitor agents to the traditional power centers in Washington.  The Saudi deal represents the first AIPAC failure in years.  Note the absolutely typical NYT counter-propaganda campaign based, laughably, in pure NYT style, on ‘one senior administration official’ and on ‘officials interviewed for this article’.

I note that the agreement still has to make it through the Occupied Territories, aka, the American Congress.  It will be interesting to see if the Lobby instructs Congress to approve the increased funding to Israel, put in as a sop due to the Saudi deal, while rejecting the Saudi deal itself.