Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sayanim Libby

Libby has been accused of being an intelligence agent for Israel's Mossad.  That sounds about right.  I believe the technical term is “Sayanim”, although Libby, due to his background and position, may be a step or two above a ‘sleeper agent’ (see also here, and from a dodgy source with good info, here; btw, have you noticed that the traditional ‘dodgy’ sources are finding more acceptance in the mainstream, due to the fact that they are the pioneers in certain areas of truth?).  There has long been speculation that the Mossad has a hidden spy-chief in the upper reaches of the American government.  Libby is the most spectacular example of the phenomenon of so-called ‘dual loyalties’ (so-called as his only real loyalty is to Israel), and the commutation of his ‘political’ sentence is part of the education process for the greater American public about this important problem.