Monday, July 09, 2007

Sweating official Washington

Deborah Jeane Palfrey can now release or sell her phone records, the judge hearing the issue being baffled at what possible basis could have been behind the gagging in the first place, as it had no possible connection to the criminal charges she faces.  The main argument that had succeeded in obtaining the temporary restraining orders was that the list could be used to harass witnesses, an obviously bogus claim made for the sole purpose of protecting the guilty Washington whoremongers. The prosecutors, who were given a rough ride in the judgment for their struggles at coming up with a plausible argument, would have fared better with a male judge, someone who would have understood the delicacy of the situation.

Now we are hearing the threats to release the records, an obvious ploy to sweat official Washington into throwing the criminal case out on a technicality or offering her an easy plea bargain.  She can’t actually release the records because:

  1. there could be a lot of innocent numbers on the list (or at least men who could claim innocence, with no way for her to prove otherwise), and the implications of a number being on the list are potentially defamatory, leading to all sorts of legal problems;

  2. the only names that matter are the Washington hypocrites – politicians and bureaucrats who play the ‘family values’ card – and their names are only useful to Palfrey if they are not released, so they can be used as leverage.

There are very good reasons why this kind of list never sees the light of day.  Once she gets her desired outcome the list will disappear.