Sunday, July 08, 2007

Terrorist social networks

The Official Story of the capture of the London terror cell is that it was assembled by the authorities through following tracks from the cell phone in the car that didn’t blow up.  The terrorists were supposed to trigger the ‘bomb’ by phoning the cell phone, but despite repeated calls, the car failed to explode.  The authorities tracked the calls back to one or two suspects, and then followed cell phone, email and text messages to round up the rest.

Most of the people rounded up were doctors, or associated with the medical profession, so the cell became known in the media as a conspiracy of doctors.  The fact that the alleged main guy, the only one charged to date, was not a medical doctor puts a bit of a kink in the theory (correction:  the guy charged was a doctor, but his alleged accomplice, the Human Fireball, not yet charged possibly because the police have been unable to interview him due to his injuries, was an aeronautical engineer).  In fact, what linked the ‘cell’ was the fact that they were all Muslim professionals who were recent immigrants and associated with the same medical or educational institutions.  These is no reason to believe that the mere fact they were in a social network with the one accused guy proved that they were part of any kind of terrorist group.

You can’t fault the police for following up the leads, but you can fault the authorities for rushing to judgment and turning this into a massive terrorist conspiracy before all the information was in.  A large group of suspects is in custody.  Their lives and careers are in ruins solely on the basis of having some kind of technological connection with the accused, a fact that can have many completely innocent explanations.  Had the first suspect been a white Christian bank robber, none of this wider analysis of the cell would have occurred.  The police may have followed up on his contacts, but they would not have automatically assumed that contact proved some sort of participation in a bank robbing conspiracy. 

The fact is that Bibi Netanyahu’s ‘War on Terror’ is, and was intended to be, a war on Islam intended to assist Israel in stealing the lands it intends to steal.  The suspects have been rounded up because they are Muslims, and not for any good reason.  In fact, the British are now talking about putting restrictions on foreign-born doctors, which is a polite way of saying Muslim doctors, even though the doctor part of the alleged conspiracy is falling apart (even more bizarrely, American right-wingers are blaming it all on ‘socialized medicine’!).

Now, the one guy charged is bring linked directly to al Qaeda, knowing “one of the terror group's most high-profile bomb makers in Europe”.  This in fact makes the whole story even less likely, as the terrorist background he is supposed to have is completely inconsistent with his failure to produce any kind of workable bomb.