Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Vodaphone Greece scandal

An article on the Vodaphone Greece scandal, which involved the secret monitoring by parties unknown of the cell-phone conversations of prominent Greek politicians.  The first suspect is the American NSA, checking up on Greek politicians to make sure there were no ‘incidents’ at the Athens Olympics due to lax security (the Greeks are always suspected of being overly friendly to ‘terrorists’).  The counter-argument to NSA involvement in this particular scandal is that the NSA didn’t need inside access to spy on such conversations.  

The cleverest argument, based on Vodaphone’s odd inability to keep records in the middle of an investigation, coupled with the fact it shut down the system in a way which conveniently made investigation impossible, is that the entire spying story was manufactured by Vodaphone itself, to cover the fact that it had altered the Ericsson system to provide features for which did not want to pay Ericsson’s license fees (Vodaphone has also exhibited an inexplicable inability to understand what it had actually bought from Ericsson).  When Ericsson discovered anomalies in a routine inspection caused by lost text messages, the rogue spying story was created, and the Greek engineer who died was murdered in a fake suicide as part of the cover-up (see here, and the comments here and here).