Wednesday, July 04, 2007

You just can't trust the Scots

The rise of Scottish nationalism means that the Scots are less inclined to be pushed around by their masters in London.  Witness the reevaluation of the cover-up trial which framed an innocent Libyan for Lockerbie (likely a CIA problem that London needed to see hidden, with the operation performed by five compliant – and arguably criminal – judges from Scotland).  Witness also that the Glasgow suspects are being safely removed to London.  London can no longer count on the courts in Scotland to participate in a frame-up.

I notice that a lot of commentary is focusing on how stupid and clownish the latest ‘bomb’ perpetrators were.  Almost all the patsies are doctors with science degrees.  A major part of the legend of the other bombing stories is how much time and effort the bombers put into carefully constructing their bombs.  The information on how to make an effective bomb is readily available.  If any of these guys were involved (unlikely), what you saw is exactly what they expected to happen, i.e., almost nothing. 

By the way, as Bruce Schneier asks, “who invites their friends to come along on a suicide mission?”  If you are lucky to have two people who want to kill themselves, you save the spare for another mission.  By far the best thing about these incidents is that it is the Official Story that is clownish, and nobody is buying it.