Saturday, August 25, 2007

Between a rock and a hard place

The Quebec police continue their dance of the seven veils, and are conceding more and more.  Now they admit that one of their disguised agents had a rock, but have an explanation:

“One of the extremists gave the rock to one of our police officers and he had a choice to make.  He was asked by extremists to throw the rock at the police, but never had any intention of using it."

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day is as embarrassing as always (the first sentence appears to be mangled):

“The thing that was interesting in this particular incident, three people in question were spotted by protesters because were not engaging in violence.  They were being encouraged to throw rocks and they were not throwing rocks, it was the protesters who were throwing the rocks. That's the irony of this.  Because they were not engaging in violence, it was noted that they were probably not protesters. I think that's a bit of an indictment against the violent protesters.”

This is quite clearly a series of lies.  The ‘extremists’ weren’t the ones challenging the officer, and if someone had given him a rock (unlikely), he could easily have dropped it prior to getting near the police line.  Anybody would know that approaching a police line with a rock in hand is asking for a violent police attack.  Dave Coles, the union leader who challenged the police agents, said:

“I would testify in a court of law that these guys were lying. They were pushing me around. They had rocks. They were trying to incite violence. They were trying to get others to throw rocks at the store. It’s just a fabrication."

The man who videotaped the incident said:

“Other protesters were saying, 'These guys are cops they're trying to get us to do things we shouldn't be doing.’"

He also said he is now concerned for his own safety because of the attention he's received since videotaping the incident, and that "I've never felt so insecure in my own country."

Unless the Canadian government is forced hold a full, public investigation of this travesty, they will note that they can make a few alterations to their strategy and get away with it.  They will do it again.  Thus ends the right to political protest in Canada.