Friday, August 03, 2007

Black conspiracy theory

Conrad Black went to court in Chicago to have his bail conditions amended to allow him to live in Canada.  His application was turned down, apparently as the judge feared problems in bringing him him back if he decided to use the Canadian legal system to fight extradition.  As Black can play the courts in Canada like Paganini played the violin, the judge was very wise in not allowing him to go to Canada.  He could have drawn extradition proceedings out for the rest of his life.  Black’s sudden desire to live in Canada, a place he holds in great disdain, is highly suspicious.

There was a very peculiar angle to the position taken by the prosecution.  They submitted an affidavit concerning Black’s hidden assets, claiming that Black had 40 million Euros in wealth stashed through banks in the Channel Islands, Caribbean and Gibraltar, wealth which he had not disclosed to the court.  The judge appeared to give the affidavit short shrift (although Black would be a fool of he hasn’t hidden a lot of money somewhere), but the deponent is very interesting.  His name is Juval Aviv (aka Yuval Aviv), who runs a security/anti-terrorism business and was engaged by Hollinger to investigate the state of Black’s assets.  Juval Aviv is an ex-Mossad agent (as if you can ever really be an ‘ex’ Mossad agent), and claims to have been Golda Meir’s bodyguard.  He also says he was involved in the murder operations that formed the basis of the infamous Spielberg movie ‘Munich’.  That movie was in fact partly based on a book on the life of Aviv (which the Mossad claims is nonsense).  That book was written by George Jonas, who is one of the list of Barbara Amiel’s ex-husbands (as if you can ever really be an ‘ex’ husband of Barbara Amiel).  Aviv is conspiracy central, claiming knowledge about the death of Robert Maxwell and the story behind the Promis software.

Black, under the influence of his wife, was a great supporter of ultra-Zionism.  He turned the Jerusalem Post strongly to the right, and made the Telegraph the Zionist Telegraph (the Telegraph, at least, has largely recovered since Conrad lost control of it).  It seems very odd that the Mossad would be participating in an attempt to prevent Black from staying out of jail.  On the other hand, Lady Black still has considerable pull with the Zionists, and a connection to Juval Aviv through George Jonas.  Is Lady Black attempting to sabotage Conrad’s freedom?  Now that Conrad has lost much of his money, and is a pariah amongst the international elites, she needs a new husband, and fast (even though plastic surgery makes her look about 40, she’s actually about 106, which, coincidentally, is about the age Conrad will be when he gets out of jail).  She thus must block his attempts at escape, so she can divorce him and find a new sugar daddy.  Why else would the Mossad be attacking such a great friend of the Jews?