Thursday, August 23, 2007

Canadian police state

Canadian police were caught red-handed attempting to use agents provocateurs at the ‘Three Amigos’ meeting at Montebello in order to provide the pretext for a violent police reaction, a reaction which would have resulted in grievous bodily harm (which is what happened when similar techniques were used in Genoa), or perhaps death, to innocent, and constitutionally-protected, protestors.  There is piles of evidence for this, but two items are conclusive:

  1. The police issued a non-denial denial, saying they did not use agents provocateurs, but leaving open the issue whether they employed police informants.

  2. One of the police agents was spotted, near the police lines, with a rock in his hand (with, significantly, no reaction from the police), a rock which had no legitimate use for an informant but could have been used to start the police attack when it was lobbed in the general direction of the police.

I’ll have more to say about this, but we need to see police and others charged with conspiracy to commit any one of a large number of crimes.