Friday, August 31, 2007

Caught in his own web

Perhaps the biggest mistake Conrad Black made was to remove those boxes from his office.  Of course, we still don’t know what kind of incriminating material was in them – there must have been considerable motivation to get Conrad to move the boxes personally! – and he may have felt he had no choice.  Shinan Govani, the National Post gossip columnist (!), writes about an upcoming article on Black by Peter C. Newman, who has written about Canadian rich people, in a creepily fawning way, for decades (emphasis in red):

“One of the more interesting things about the piece is the news that Newman breaks about the infamous security camera tape showing Black removing boxes at the office. The media baron, he says, had the security cameras installed, but he didn't hook them up. For whatever reason, the cameras were on when he came (unexpectedly) to remove the boxes. The whirring of the cameras must have surprised him, then, because he keeps pointing at them, palpably confused. He had no idea he was being watched, but he went through the motions of having the security camera installed, and then he got caught.” 

Who turned the cameras on?  Does Black have a traitor in his midst?