Thursday, August 16, 2007

David Shayler's cigars

David Shayler has managed to do what years of frantic activity by the British security establishment has never managed, completely undermine his credibility.  Shayler is a British intelligence whistleblower with some embarrassing things to say.  Now, he claims to be the Messiah.  He hears voices, sees hallucinations, consumes pot and magic mushrooms. He’s trippin’.

British intelligence efforts to stifle him have failed, and they can’t just kill him, as that would just add to his credibility.  Amongst the many CIA plots against Castro:

“Among early attempts devised by the CIA to discredit Mr Castro was a plan to place chemical powders on his boots that would cause his beard to fall out when he was in New York to speak at the United Nations in 1960.

When that failed, the CIA planned to slip him a box of cigars tainted with LSD so that he would burst into fits of laughter during a television interview, said Mr Escalante, author of a book that documents 167 plots against Castro.”

What better way to destroy Shayler’s credibility than to slip him some drugs, the kind of drugs that make you see hallucinations and think you are the Messiah?  I think Shayler should get a new dealer.