Friday, August 17, 2007

Fire the rogue university presidents

McMaster Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights weighs in on the hypocrisy of McMaster University President Peter George in his rejection of the academic boycott against Israel on the grounds of academic freedom, while again forgetting to mention all the academic freedom denied to the Palestinians through actions of the Israelis.  There is no way these chattel-slave Presidents can wiggle out of this:  the hypocrisy is obvious, and outrageous.  Since the academic freedom issue is bogus, the real reason for the rejection of the boycott is entirely political, and seems invariably to have been done without consulting the wider university community, for the good reason that the wider community would not have approved it.  This sounds like good grounds for dismissal of these rogue presidents.

In more boycott news, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is considering a boycott of goods made in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.  The tidal wave continues to rise, ever higher.  Trying to part the seas just makes it worse.