Thursday, August 16, 2007

'Academic freedom' as a weapon

A lot of North American university presidents and officials have come out with public pronouncements against the academic boycott of Israel, all on the phony pretense of protection of ‘academic freedom’.  Why do I say phony?  How about almost unbelievable restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom over the years that have elicited not one peep of disapproval from these hypocrites.  Of course, even if it is not polite to say it, we all know the real reason why the North American university presidents have suddenly discovered ‘academic freedom’.  Yes, it’s the infamous Jewish Billionaries Club, massive donors to the endowments of universities.

Now these chattel-slave presidents are finally being called out on it.  From the Toronto Star (emphasis in red; poorly-designed Coalition website here):

“The head of Queen's University is being accused of ‘hypocrisy’ on her home campus for condemning a proposed British boycott of Israel's universities over its treatment of Palestinians.

Principal and vice-chancellor Karen Hitchcock was told her anti-boycott position, matched by several other university presidents in Canada and globally, is a ‘mischaracterization and defamation of Queen's community members ... who strongly oppose your stance,’ the Queen's Coalition against Racial and Ethnic Discrimination advised her in a letter this week.

Calling her statement ‘blatantly political,’ English literature professor Margaret Pappano said yesterday her QCRED group is angry that it was posted on the Queen's website without prior debate, contrary to the principles of healthy academic discourse.

There's great hypocrisy in all this,’ said Pappano. ‘You can't be silent for years about what's gone on to Palestinian academic freedom and suddenly issue a statement of support for Israeli academic freedom without it having political connotations.’”

Bingo!  The deadly combination of Zionist human rights abuses, Zionist lies, and blatant Zionist abuse of economic power, including dragging the university presidents around by the nose, is slowly catching up with them.