Monday, August 13, 2007

Insanity also affects eyesight

Apparently, insanity also affects eyesight.  I wrote:

“This is in the context of the Cannonfire attempted defense of the indefensible Democratic Party support for the new unconstitutional FISA law.”

For this, I’m called a “fucking liar. Provably.”  Note that none of the three points that ‘prove’ this have anything to do with what I wrote (warning:  following is a “strained rationalization”).  I didn’t say the author of Cannonfire would have voted for it; it is undeniable that the Democratic Party, as a party, did support the law as they could have stopped it and didn’t (you can quibble about this all you want but voters know what is going on and why they voted for the Democrats, and are getting mad); and I am really getting sick and tired of these end runs around the constitution, where legislators deliberately pass legislation they know to be unconstitutional in the knowledge that the victims of this legislation won’t have practical recourse to the courts because of the expense and time involved.  Even if it is struck down, the damage will have been done.  I think it should be a crime to pass or enforce legislation which you know, or ought to have known, was unconstitutional. 

By the way, pretending that Democrat shit smells and tastes delicious isn’t fooling anybody (14% popular support for Congress reflects what the majority is doing, and not doing).  You have to hold their feet to the fire, as pressures that we can’t speak about – what John Conyers called the ‘facts of life’ in the Moore movie – are forcing them to disaster.