Monday, August 13, 2007


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe cites the leader of the free world in shredding the civil rights of the people of his country.  Unlike the United States, however, where shredding the Constitution is apparently the cause of great joy (got to fight Bibi’s ‘War on Terror’!) there is actually some opposition to the move.

From Cannonfire:

“Bad things are happening in the ‘progressive’ community. Bad things. You may not be able to see the true scope of the danger yet, but you soon will.”

This is in the context of the Cannonfire attempted defense of the indefensible Democratic Party support for the new unconstitutional FISA law.  What’s on for next week – the case for torture?  Being in an Empire truly makes people insane.

I’m reminded of Juan Cole’s short-lived campaign in favor of bombing civilians in Iraq in order to get American troops out while keeping the oil (yes, that was the argument!).  The original posting – thanks, Wayback Machine! – was ‘clarified’ with the addition of the words in square brackets after step 3, but the meaning is clear, especially with the reference to Afghanistan (where a similar type of campaign has resulted in immense civilian casualties).  The same type of arguments were actually made in Vietnam!  No matter how ‘smart’ the bombs, you simply cannot carry out any kind of aerial anti-insurgency campaign without the great brunt of the attack falling on civilians.  Living in an Empire actually seems to cause brain damage, and the same type of brain damage over and over again.  For Empire, otherwise reasonable people are willing to destroy both international law and their own constitutional protections.  Insanity!