Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Iran's new friend

The new meme is that the United States will go around both Israel and the obstreperous Sunni states to make a deal directly with Iran.  I don’t see this happening with Bush and Cheney around, or even under President Rudary Clintoniani (a good name for them, as they are indistinguishable, wearing matching Jewish leashes and collars), but the following American President, desperate to save the Republic from complete ruin, will have to deal with Iran in order to deal with Iraq, and Israel and the Sunni states who march to Israel’s drum will just get in the way.  By this very late point, the crisis will be so desperate that it will be time for the Americans to cry ‘sauve qui peut’, and take any step to save themselves from utter ruin at the hands of Zionism. 

The paradox of the current situation is that the American subservience to Israel has made it so weak that the Iranians have lost much of their incentive to do a deal, particularly as long as the ‘surge’ is ongoing.  The obvious purpose of the ‘surge’ is to exacerbate sectarian strife in Iraq, all as part of the Zionist plan to break up the country.  Contrary to what you see in the Jew-controlled American media, Iran has a real interest in cooling such strife, as Sunni-Shi’ite trouble has started to leak over into Iran itself.  Thus the interests of Iran, and the real, non-Zionist interests of the United States, are exactly the same with respect to Iraq, leading, once the Americans come to their senses, to the real possibility of an American-Iranian entente centered around Iraq.  Unfortunately for Americans, the United States will be completely fucked by the time saner heads prevail.