Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Is the fix in?

Despite having had years to deal with the issue, the Democrats have now decided to postpone considering changes to make computer voting machines fair and their results verifiable until at least after the next Presidential election.  This a political party that has been screwed out of the last two Presidential elections by these very voting machines (along with many other kinds of vote fraud).  You would think, in the winner-take-all politics of the United States, highly adversarial and quite bitter, that the number one priority of the screwed party would be ensuring that it doesn’t happen again.  Instead, more delays, with the unconvincing excuse that reform at this late date would cause ‘chaos’, when it is delay in even getting around to the issue that has produced the time problem.

There is no conventional political analysis that would explain this.  Could the fix be in?  Have the Christian Zionists who own the crooked voting machines made a deal that they will set the machines to allow President Clinton be elected on the condition that she leave the troops in Iraq until it is partitioned, Yinon-style, and agrees to any and all wars of choice to be fought by the United States in the Middle East to advance the cause of the Zionist Empire?  Ira Chernus, using typical Chomskean analysis, points out  that all the main Democratic candidates are having unusual difficulty in discussing a real and full withdrawal timetable for American troops in Iraq (Chernus accurately describes the tricks that they have used to talk about partial withdrawal while appearing to be discussing full withdrawal), despite the fact that this is a clear priority for the great majority of the people who will be voting for them.  I found the Chernus article via Bleier’s Blog, where you will find the real reason for the odd behavior of the Democratic candidates, a reason that Chernus leaves out.