Thursday, August 02, 2007

Joachim Martillo letter

You should read this letter by Joachim Martillo (a very controversial character whose main flaw seems to be that he refuses to be pushed off the facts; improve your vocabulary and see Holoexaleipsis), published in Naqniq (originally here), concerning the misuse of the anti-Semitism slur.  It reminds me that I should probably do a posting on why, despite the obvious land theft, I still believe that the only logical, practical and moral resolution to the issue is two states.  Of course, we can’t even get to that point until we convince people, particularly Americans, that the anti-Semitism slur is just the hot air part of a massive propaganda campaign which, along with causing massive suffering in the Middle East, is also literally bankrupting the United States.  The best way to fix the problem is to create a general consensus that the anti-Semitism slur is to be completely boycotted until the Zionists do the right thing by the peoples of the Middle East.