Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mearsheimer and Walt can't talk

I love the Lobby argument with respect to the Mearsheimer and Walt book:

  1. the book is so contentious that it would be improper to allow Mearsheimer and Walt to speak at any public venue without the opportunity for the other side to present a rebuttal at the same venue;

  2. but the other side considers the book to be “shoddy scholarship that doesn't really present anything new”, and it is thus not worth sending somebody to rebut it.

Therefore, Mearsheimer and Walt must not be allowed to speak anywhere.  We’re told that Foxman was actually invited to appear at the forum, but had to wash his hair that night, or something, so couldn’t make it.  I wonder if the usual representatives of Israeli interests – Foxman, Dershowitz, Ledeen, Pipes, etc, – would accept the idea that whenever they speak, or write anything, the American side must be allowed a rebuttal?