Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More on the death of Ashraf Marwan

The curious story of the death of Ashraf Marwan is made even more curious by the claim from his family that the only copy of the manuscripts of his autobiography (together with the tapes from which the manuscripts were transcribed), which were in his flat before he died, have gone missing, and in fact disappeared on the day that he died.  The obvious conclusion is that he was murdered by some intelligence agency to suppress whatever was in those manuscripts.  Marwan had made extensive future plans inconsistent with suicide, and was physically incapable of putting himself in a position where he could have accidentally fallen out of the window.  The Israelis have boasted that he was an Israeli agent during the Six Day War.  He claims that he was an Egyptian agent feeding them disinformation, and proof of that would have been very embarrassing to the Israelis, particularly at this time when we continue to learn more and more of the real truths behind Zionist lies and mythology.