Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pepe Escobar and 'Likudstan'

Pepe Escobar is one of the few writers on geopolitics who makes any sense (emphasis in red):

“The Bush-friendly ‘new Europe’ of the current Sarkozy-Merkel vintage of course knows that voracious US Treasuries buyer China de facto controls US interest rates, so China literally pays for Bush's war on Iraq. ‘New Europe’ also knows it's absolutely unlikely China would ever finance a Bush war on Iran – which would be a direct attack on Asia. More power thus to a negotiated European-brokered solution to the Iranian nuclear dossier.

It all goes back to the Middle East. The original plan in essence boiled down to borrowing from China to invade and occupy Iraq. Controlling a vital source of oil, Washington would then control the Beijing bull by the horns. The problem is the Bush administration has (mis)managed to control virtually nothing in Iraq, while China can always get the oil it needs from somewhere else (Iran, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, anywhere in Africa). So the winner of the war on Iraq is ... Halliburton.”

Of course, that’s not quite the plan (I still owe you what the real American Establishment plan is; the key is to always remember that the American Establishment and the Chinese Establishment are on the same side the new head of Chrysler is a guy from Home Depot who is an expert at doing business in China, and Chrysler’s Chinese manufacturing ally, Chery, is about to start making cars . . . in Iran), though Escobar is typically completely correct about the ‘deep finance’ reasons why the United States won’t be attacking Iran.  To put it rather bluntly, China has the American economy by the balls, and has an absolute veto on whether the United States wrecks its main source of energy.  It isn’t complicated to figure out that the United States won’t be attacking Iran, no matter what Bush or Cheney think.  More delights from Escobar, riffing on the Yinon-inspired Gelb version of the Zionist Plan for Iraq:

“The whole of Baghdad, meanwhile, already languishes in prison – a gulag at 53 degrees Celsius with no water and electricity. An ATol reader from California, born in the Middle East, has come up with as good a definitive solution as any to the oil and water wars in the region. Instead of moving millions of Shi'ites and Sunnis to a ‘Shi'iteistan’ and a ‘Sunnistan’, he suggests moving all Iraqis to Israel, and all Israelis – including Likud Party members – to Iraq, and rename the new country ‘Likudstan’, with an adjacent body of water (the Likud Gulf) with its own Brookings Institution.

‘The big bonus for all of us,’ he writes, is that ‘Likudstan (formerly Israel) will be Iran's next-door neighbor; it will be much easier to ask the Likudies to drop nukes on Iran. We don't even have to send brother [Donald] Rumsfeld to supply them with weapons of mass destruction, since the Likudies are self-sufficient.’ Maybe Iraq-war-eraser Sarko could discuss this one with Bush the next time they meet under a Chinese-owned Eiffel Tower.”