Friday, August 17, 2007

Some of the forms of 'doubling'

More on Marwan.  The last sentence is interesting.  It is theoretically possible for Marwan to have betrayed Israel by leading it to believe that an attack was not imminent, but then saved Israel by giving it warning.  Thus, an embarrassing war for Israel, but not its destruction (thanks to Marwan’s almost-too-late warning).  The most cynical amongst us might see how the Egyptians might take the longer view.  Egypt, or rather the Egyptian ruling class, has done very well by the continued existence of Israel.  Billions of dollars of American money now flows to Egypt, or rather to the Egyptian ruling class, that would not be flowing had Israel been wiped off the map.  The Egyptians have every reason to see Marwan as some kind of hero, even if he seemed to betray the interests of his country.  They can rationalize the warning as the article does:  Marwan intended it to preserve his cover with the Israelis, planning for the warning to be too late.  This doesn’t really make sense, for if it were really too late, Marwan would have had no need to preserve his cover, as Israel would have been destroyed.  Given the huge benefits to the Egyptian ruling class, the niceties of the logic of betrayal might be forgotten.  Conspiracy theorists often think conflict itself is the goal of the world’s ruling classes, rather than winning.  Is it possible that Marwan was working for Egyptians so prescient that they realized that the continued existence of Israel would be useful to Egypt?  The ‘patriotic acts which it is not time yet to reveal’ may have been to start the process of sucking American taxpayers into sending billions of dollars to Egypt.

Anwar Sadat, Yitzhak Rabin and Ashraf Marwan are all dead.  Sadat and Rabin were assassinated and Marwan probably was.  Rabin got into power as Meir had to resign as a direct result of the 1973 war, and immediately started the process of trading land for peace, an idea which appears to have led to his assassination.  Sadat had been assassinated for the same reason, by the Muslim Brotherhood (sometimes aka ‘al Qaeda’).  Marwan’s book publishing plans probably were the direct cause of his death.  If you are very cynical, and see the big war as the collectivity of intelligence agencies against the rest of us, with intelligence agencies disliking any revealing of how they work, it may not matter which intelligence agency killed him.  Nobody wants us to see that it is all a game.