Thursday, August 23, 2007

What did Henry the K say to Pootie-Poot?

Remember when the American Establishment was so panicked by Putin’s anger after he met with Bush at Kennebunkport that they sent an elite delegation, led by Henry Kissinger, on an emergency trip to Moscow to try to smooth things over?  What did Kissinger promise Putin?  We have a hint from the recent warning given by the Russians to the Czech Republic concerning the building of American missile defense installations.  The Russians are strongly suggesting that the Czechs wait until after the next American Presidential election (and the Czechs are listening).  General Yuri Baluyevsky said:

“I and my Russian colleagues simply ask that [the decisionmaking] process continue through to October-November of 2008, and I think you can all guess why.”

Kissinger must have told Putin that the American Establishment would ensure that the next American President would stop trying to rebuild the Cold War using missile defense as a provocation.  That is some promise, as Hillary lives in the pocket of the Jewish Billionaires Club, and Rudy has appointed the most blood-dripping-from-the-fangs Zionists as his advisors on foreign policy.  Of course, there are Americans who want to re-start the Cold War.  They’re called neocons, rabid Likudnik Zionist expansionists who want to use the new Cold War to improve Israel’s chances for expansion (I still intend to write more about this).  Despite what you may read from the ‘experts’, the American Establishment doesn’t want a new Cold War.  Missile defense is just a boondoggle to extract hundreds of billions of dollars from American taxpayers.  It doesn’t work, and everybody knows it never will.  They never intended that it be used, and especially not to start a Cold War that is the opposite of their plans.

If Rudy and Hillary are owned by the Zionists, but the Establishment intends for the United States to back off on the missile defense provocation, something’s gotta give.  I wonder who the running mates will be?  Will we be seeing a Presidential assassination shortly after the inauguration?