Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Emancipation Day II

September 4, 2007, the date of the publication of the Walt and Mearsheimer book, will eventually be known to Americans as Emancipation Day II, the day Americans began the long process of shedding the shackles of the JBC.  From a review of the book by Max Hastings (emphasis in red):

“Part of the trouble is that AIPAC faces no significant opposition. Palestinians, and indeed all Arabs, command negligible sympathy in America, especially since 9/11. The authors think that the most helpful step towards diminishing the Israel lobby’s grip would be for election campaigns to be publicly financed, ending candidates’ dependence on private contributions: ‘AIPAC’s success is due in large part to its ability to reward legislators and congressional candidates who support its agenda, and to punish those who do not.’

But the authors know reform will not happen. The Israel lobby is vastly strengthened by the support of America’s Christian Zionists, an important element of George W Bush’s constituency. Some may think these people are lunatics, but there are an awful lot of them. They are even more strident in their opposition to Arab rights in Palestine than the Israeli Likud party.”


“Only America might be capable of inducing the government of Israel to moderate its behaviour, and it will not try. Washington gives Jerusalem a blank cheque, and all of us in some degree pay a price for Israel’s abuses of it.

After that remark, I shall be pleasantly surprised to escape an allegation from somebody that I belong in the same stable of antisemites as Walt and Mearsheimer. Yet otherwise intelligent Americans diminish themselves by hurling charges of antisemitism with such recklessness. There will be no peace in the Middle East until the United States faces its responsibilities there in a much more convincing fashion than it does today, partly for reasons given in this depressing book.”

There is a certain sleazy irresponsibility in the American character which is reflected in the American political system.  The problem is based in a criminal campaign finance system which has been (mostly) legally exploited by a tiny group of messianic Jewish ideologues with a lot of money and not a shred of decency.  Anyone who even attempts to do the right thing – try to end the attack on the people of Iraq, or put restrictions on Israeli behavior, or roll back the anti-Muslim ‘war on terror’, or impeach Cheney – runs into a brick wall of bipartisan corruption, and eventually gives up in total frustration (a process which could be called ‘The Education of Cindy Sheehan’).  What’s worse, rather than face up to the truth, Americans just call people names if they dare point out what is going on.  The use of the anti-Semitism slur is how otherwise decent Americans participate in the evil being done by the JBC, evil enabled by the inability of Americans to acknowledge that they all share a moral failing in allowing themselves the luxury of a corrupt political system.  Unfortunately, while many if not most Americans have a pretty good idea what is going on, speaking the truth is still impossible for the chattering classes, and the final reckoning won’t happen until the United States is largely wrecked.  Some of us can take some comfort in that, as there is a kind of justice in having moral failings lead to such a loss, and the American Empire, a particularly malevolent one, won’t be missed.