Friday, September 28, 2007

Israel's new weakness

This article “Why Did Israel Attack Syria?” by Jonathan Cook has been linked to everywhere, but it seems to be fundamentally flawed.  Cook writes:

“The latest accusations should be seen as an example of Israel and the neocons ‘creating their own reality’, as one Bush adviser famously observed of the neocon philosophy of power. The more that Hizbullah, Syria and Iran are menaced by Israel, the more they are forced to huddle together and behave in ways to protect themselves – such as arming – that can be portrayed as a ‘genocidal’ threat to Israel and world order.”


“The attack on Syria is part of a clever hustle, one designed to vanquish or bypass the doubters in the Bush Administration, both by proving Syria's culpability and by provoking it to respond.”

The big problem with this is that the Israeli strategists really are concerned about the new reality, learned only last summer, that illegal Israeli attacks on its neighbors come with a cost, a missile counterattack.  A devastating counterattack will permanently end the Israeli dreams of empire by depriving it of the knowledge workers and leaving it with the parasitic religious nuts known as settlers.  It doesn’t make sense for the Israelis to be encouraging the very thing they fear the most.  We would certainly have seen this summer another illegal attack on Lebanon, or an illegal attack on Syria, had it not been for Israeli fears of a counterattack.

The fact that there wasn’t a pre-propaganda preparation by the Jew-controlled American media, and the fact that the Israelis didn’t immediately gloat over the attack, fitting it into the Jew-created propaganda campaign, but in fact seem reluctant to talk about it, are indications that the attack didn’t go as planned.  An Israeli attack on Syria, by far the most likely next illegal attack, will require a simultaneous attack on all Syrian missile placements, to prevent, or at least minimize, the counterattack. This will require that Syrian/Russian anti-aircraft defenses be weak enough that Israel can complete the attacks.  Israel needed to find out how good those defenses are.  Contrary to the larger Jew-created propaganda message that Israel always succeeds, we have entered a new phase of history where Israel, and its American puppet, is relatively weak and always foolish.