Friday, September 28, 2007

It was about oil

There are three places that require energy:  the United States, Europe, and the manufacturers in Asia.  There are three sources of energy:  Russia; the Middle East/Africa; and the Americas, consisting largely of Mexico, Venezuela, and, of increasing importance, the Canadian oil sands.  As we have seen, the Iraq war was reluctantly tolerated by the American oligarchs because the oil instability and insecurity in the Middle East increased the cost per barrel to a point where the Canadian oil sands became viable.  In other words, contrary to what you may have been reading, the point of the war, from the view of the big American strategists, was to increase insecurity of supply in the short run.  The point wasn’t to raise the profitability of the traditional big oil companies, which are of less and less importance in the bigger scheme of things as time goes on.  The attack on Iraq was not desired as they knew it would be a disaster, but they put up with it as something that could be used to reconfigure international oil and security arrangements.

Russia will supply Europe; the Middle East and Africa will supply China and Asia; and the Americas, increasingly Canada, will supply the United States.  What the American oligarchs have learned in recent years is that the American media and politics has become hopelessly corrupted by the Jewish Billionaires Club, and, at least in the short run, there is nothing that can be done about it.  Fear of drive-by slurring from the Jew-controlled media is so extreme that neither the Americans nor the Europeans have the slightest hope of dealing with their own self-interest in the Middle East in any kind of rational manner.  On the other hand, China is completely immune to the slur.  Mention the Holocaust to the Chinese and they’ll think you are referring to the Rape of Nanking.  They can bat the Zionist propangandists down with a flick of the finger, and can deal with their own self-interests in energy security in a completely rational manner.

So the attack on Iraq was about oil.  The Republicans used oil to prey on traditional American psychopathic selfishness, leaving the idea that the Hummer would be cheaper to fill up (at least the joke’s on the Americans!).  The Zionists saw the war as the lynch-pin of the Zionist Plan for the Middle East, the ultimate goal of which is to remove the oil weapon from the Arabs (the joke’s on the Zionists too!).  Finally, the American oligarchs reluctantly accepted the attack as an indirect means of making the Canadian oil sands economically viable, as part of a long term strategy of increasing American national energy security by sidestepping the unblockable and malign influence of the Zionists.