Friday, September 07, 2007

It's worse than you think

Remember that article by Jeffrey Sharlet, “Jesus plus nothing: Undercover among America's secret theocrats”, about what was essentially a Washington evangelical cult called, amongst other things, The Fellowship, which had attracted a considerable number of Republican lawmakers.  Scary, scary stuff, which backed up the worst fears about the Republican fruitcake agenda.  Now, via the Progressive Review,  Sharlet and Kathryn Joyce continue the story (see also page 1 of this for more details; note also the swift beginnings of predictable Democrat rationalization), with the terrifying fact that Hillary Clinton is a member of the cult.  Worse, this isn’t some election tactic – she joined in 1993, and appears to be a True Believer.  At least, her fellow fruitcakes, including her close pal-in-Christ Sam Brownback (!), accept her fruitcakery as genuine, despite the fact you would think they would be very suspicious.  Even worse, she’s made it to the inner circle of the cult leader, Doug Coe (she is to The Fellowship what Tom Cruise is to Scientology).

The next American Presidential election will be between a deeply conservative religious fruitcake who, for purely political reasons, has passed herself off as a liberal for most of her life, and a liberal New Yorker, who, for purely political reasons, is trying to pass himself off as a conservative.  What fun for conspiracy theorists!