Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Judymillerization II

The Sunday Times is back to its old tricks, more of the same lies with more of the same neocon agenda regarding the Israeli attack on Syria.  Had the Israelis really found anything in Syria, we would have heard about it immediately, or immediately after the attack.  The Israeli lack of immediate response to allegations by Syria follows no known propaganda pattern.  The Israelis are making up excuses as they have to.  It appears that my original guess was right.  The attack, in northern Syria, was intended to test the Russian defenses for their new port/base.  Apparently, the defenses worked well, as the Israelis had to leave in an embarrassing hurry, leading to the reticence in admitting that anything had actually happened, and the ad libbed flow of excuses we are now seeing.  The latest Murdoch lie is based on:

  1. “informed sources in Washington and Jerusalem”;

  2. “well-placed sources”;

  3. “Israeli sources”; and

  4. “A senior American source”.

Despite the fact the Syrians were allegedly caught red-handed with North Korean nuclear material, and the Israelis told the Americans, who blessed the Israeli attack, Condi just invited the Syrians to participate in Middle East peace talks!