Saturday, September 01, 2007

The next war is all about missiles

Israel won’t be able to illegally attack any of its neighbors until it beefs up its missile defense system, which is supposed to take two years (Barak is already using the state of Israeli missile defense as yet another reason why Israel can’t negotiate with the Palestinians!).  Israel is pretending to be confident about its long-range (i.e., against missiles from Iran) missile defense system, but of course if Hezbollah is the ally of Iran that Israel claims it to be, Israel would also have to be ready for a counterattack from Lebanon.  Needless to say, the JBC-controlled Democrats are willing to help as much as possible.  The Israelis are suggesting that talk of war with Syria is just a way for the Russians to sell sophisticated missiles to Syria, and they may be right!  The Russians are protecting their new Mediterranean port in Syria with their own missile defense system, which fortuitously protects most of Syria.