Sunday, September 16, 2007

The standard method of Zionist lying

Note this classic Judy Miller-ish article in the Murdoch-owned Sunday Times on the latest Zionist bullshit concerning the Syrian-North Korean nuclear program.  After you work your way through the main part of the story, presented as a series of undeniable facts, it turns out that the whole thing is based on;

  1. ‘Israeli sources’;

  2. ‘An expert on the Middle East, who has spoken to Israeli participants in the raid’;

  3. ‘an Israeli air force source’;

  4. ‘Israeli military intelligence sources’

  5. some vague ‘mights’ and ‘coulds’ from Andrew Semmel, a non-proliferation guy with the State Department, i.e., a professional neocon warmonger (more here, with the mention of the Khan network, which, typically, is started by a direct question on Khan involvement, to which Semmel then gets to respond by saying he ‘wouldn't exclude’  it!).

Note the same breaches of journalistic ethics at, where the ‘anonymous Israeli sources’ receive additional credibility by being filtered through an Arab newspaper.  Here is another example of improving the credibility of ‘sources’ through filtering.  Once you know what to look for, the bullshit detection is easy.

This is a rather obvious lie following the usual pattern of Zionists attempting to start wars based on specious claims about WMDs.  It neatly allows the Washington neocons to simultaneously undermine the recent negotiating success of the adults in Washington with the North Koreans, and keep up the pressure for an American war on Syria, a war still possible as none of the factors which conclusively prevent an American attack on Iran apply to Syria (Eliot Abrams’ fangs are tingling).