Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Weird and Stupid

A list of “The World's Weirdest/Stupidest Conspiracy Theories”.  A few comments:

  1. HIV can’t logically ‘cause’ AIDS, as there are a few people who have HIV but have never contracted AIDS.  There is a protocol for determining causation in infectious diseases, and HIV doesn’t meet it.  It is entirely possible that HIV was created in a lab.  Its release may have been a mistake.  Or not.

  2. Jim Fetzer’s stupid and harmful writing on the Zapruder film should be enough to make people run like hell away from anything he writes about September 11.

  3. There’s some weird symbolism going on at Denver International Airport.

  4. The new Middle Ages timeline takes me back.

  5. Aspartame, fluoride, and at least some genetically modified foods are poisons approved and promoted by governments supposedly interested in the wellbeing of their citizens.  The conspiracy is not mind-control, but just good, old-fashioned corruption, politicians being paid off so corporadoes can make money.

  6. There probably is at least one conspiracy angle to the Atlanta child murders, which have never been properly investigated as the victims were black.

What about the idea that the Dead Sea Scrolls are medieval forgeries?  There is something deeply suspicious about Dead Sea Scroll scholarship, another area, like Holocaust studies, where you have to be glatt kosher in order to sit at the table.  Dead Sea Scroll scholarship is part of the pseudoscience that attempts to show the links between early Christianity and Judaism, links with an obvious political purpose.  At least some of the scrolls were stolen from a Palestinian museum, and all of them are arguably the property of the Palestinian people.  Their provenance is shrouded in enough mystery, with a discovery at exactly the time that the new State of Israel was building its arsenal of myths and legends, that you have to wonder what they really are.