Sunday, September 09, 2007

Zionisism, an intangible totalitarianism

Nadia Abu El-Haj is the latest American professor to be finkelsteined, this time for having the bad manners to point out some of the propaganda uses by Israel of the bullshit known as biblical archaeology.  The Lobby and its minions are making a big effort to deny her tenure at Barnard College.  The Angry Arab writes:

On the Pitfalls of Tenure. I was thinking about this. Of this, I am certain. If I were not a tenured professor now, and if I were on the job market (along with the Angry Arab affiliation), there is no way on earth that I would have obtained a job anywhere in the US – not even at a small community college in Alaska – not that there is anything wrong in small community colleges in Alaska. I have certainly noticed that untenured professors are today far more cautious and nervous about political advocacy (in comparison to 20 years ago or more). I often hear people say to me: I will become outspoken on Palestine AFTER I obtain tenure. I always tell them: no, you will not. If you condition yourself to be silent and passive during the tenure process, you will be changed once you obtain tenure. And some after tenure, aim higher: they harbor ambitions to move to a more ‘prestigious’ college or university, and on and on. What people don't understand is that the tenure process is a conditioning process in which one learns how to dissimulate and how to stifle moral outrage. If you succumb to it, you reach tenure damaged. I remember early on in my career when a senior (well-intentioned and well-known) person in Middle East studies, took me aside and urged me to ‘suspend’ or ‘tone down’ my advocacy for Palestine. It is an advice that I never regretted ignoring. Of course, the ironies of freedom of speech (as far as the Middle East and Arab-Israeli conflict are concerned) are such that you will have more freedom of speech if you teach at a less ‘prestigious’ college or university in a small town in the US. Thus, there is more scrutiny (and less freedom of speech) if you teach at Columbia or Harvard or Yale. So people need to decide what they want in graduate school: to decide that which is more important to them.”

The tenure battles – and when you think about it, it is nothing short of bizarre that academia has allowed itself to be so easily hijacked  . . . well, unless you take into account the power of the money given by the JBC ‘Donors’ –  are part of the larger campaign of Zionist language and thought control.  These issues rarely occur at the ‘prestigious’ universities because they have internalized the systems of control, to the extent that, at least in these areas, they have abrogated their responsibility to produce any cutting-edge scholarship.  The Lobby has very specific standards.  The control is so extreme it is not even sufficient to toe the Zionist propaganda line – you actually have to be certified Kosher in order to be allowed to comment on any area which might even slightly impinge on the Project of building Greater Israel.  The idea for this total control seems to derive from similar success in policing Holocaust studies.  The thought control is so extreme, and the sanctions for disobeying so huge, that almost everybody simply avoids the areas considered to be under Zionist thought policing.

The control isn’t just total intellectual conformity:  it extends to total control over language.  It helps a lot that the American media is under a complete Jew-lockdown.  We call peasants defending themselves from brutal attacks from modern armies  ‘terrorists’ or even ‘al Qaeda’ (when many of them would never have heard of al Qaeda); we talk, senselessly, as if we don’t speak the language properly, of a ‘war’ on terror; we hear about ‘existential threats’ to the only country with nuclear arms in the region from children throwing stones; we hear the systematically racist state of Israel praised as a ‘democracy’; and if anybody has the temerity to point any of this out, we hop in the bulldozer and throw around the‘anti-Semite’ slur.  The current spate of tenure wars is only the most obvious example of the Zionist requirement for total conformity, in both thought and language.  Zionism has become a kind of intangible totalitarianism hanging over the United States and the entire Western world.