Friday, September 14, 2007

Zionism as a self-healing disease

The mysterious Israeli attack on Syria, subject of much speculation – including, of course, obvious Zionist bullshit about Syrian nuclear sites (!), and the requisite connection to an attack on Iran (er . . .  not to be impolite, but didn’t the ‘experts’ all tell us the American would be attacking Iran now, or, in revised version, six months from now, the infamous Tom Friedman six months that never comes?) – appears to be all about the current Israeli concern about missiles.  Reading between the lines from an always unreliable source:

DEBKAfile’s military experts conclude from the way Damascus described the episode Wednesday, Sept. 6, that the Pantsyr-S1E missiles, purchased from Russia to repel air assailants, failed to down the Israeli jets accused of penetrating northern Syrian airspace from the Mediterranean the night before.

The new Pantsyr missiles therefore leave Syrian and Iranian airspace vulnerable to hostile intrusion.”


“Western intelligence circles stress that information on Russian missile consignments to Syria or Iran is vital to any US calculation of whether to attack Iran over its nuclear program. They assume that the ‘absolute jamming immunity’ which the Russian manufactures promised for the improved Pantsyr missiles was immobilized by superior electronic capabilities exercised by the jets before they were ‘forced to leave.’

Syria took delivery in mid-August of 10 batteries of sophisticated Russian Pantsyr-S1E Air Defense Missile fire control systems with advanced radar, those sources report. They have just been installed in Syria.

Understanding that the Pantsyr-S1E had failed in its mission to bring down trespassing aircraft, Moscow hastened Thursday, Sept 6, to officially deny selling these systems to Syria or Iran and called on Israel to respect international law. This was diplomatic-speak for a warning against attacking the Russian-made missiles batteries stations where Russian instructors are working alongside Syrian teams.

Western intelligence circles maintain that it is vital for the US and Israel to establish the location and gauge the effectiveness of Pantsyr-S1E air defenses in Syrian and Iranian hands, as well as discovering how many each received.”

In other words, the attack was partly a test, and partly a propaganda exercise to reassure Israeli planners that the vaunted Russian technology isn’t all that it is touted to be.  This extends beyond the defensive capabilities tested here to the offensive missiles that the Israelis are really worried about (the bigger idea is that ineffective Syrian/Russian defense systems will allow Israeli jets to take out offensive Syrian missile placements just before the Israeli war on Syria intended to force Syria to permanently give up the Golan Heights and stop supporting Hezbollah in Lebanon, part of the project of building Greater Israel).  This is directly connected to the big publicity around the building of new-and-improved Israeli missile defenses.  Of course, missile defense is always bullshit – it never really works, but is just intended to provide civilian reassurance long enough to get the war started, when the usual jingoism can kick in (remember the ‘scud busters’ from the first Gulf War?).  To put it bluntly, a 99% success rate, which they would never achieve, means that half of Tel Aviv is blown up.  Israel has the additional problem that it doesn’t only have to win the war, but has to win the continued confidence of the knowledge workers, confidence that it is already having trouble maintaining. 

The upshot is that the big game unfolding like a car crash in slow motion:  the Middle East problem is never going to be resolved by negotiation with the insane Israeli leadership (who still, thanks to the JBC corruption of the American political system, have no incentive to negotiate, even if they wanted to), but by eventual, and inevitable, Israeli war policy decisions which will result in the effective suicide of the Jewish state.  It would be prudent for opponents of Zionism to play the end game based on a realization that negotiation is not going to work, while preparing for the stupidity/insanity of the Zionists to end the problems caused by Zionism.

This stuff isn’t complicated or hidden.  Why am I the only one writing about it?  You could say I’m just full of shit, but why then am I consistently right and the ‘experts’ consistently wrong?